Research Strategy

Research strategy is developed based on detailed analysis of business objectives. It is aimed at designing the most effective way to collect and analyze fundamental information important in making successful business decisions. The ultimate aim of the research is to provide fully objective and concise, reliable and relevant information. This information has the ability to provide the necessary informational support in all key decision making depending on the following factors:


Research design

Research design includes the transformation of business objectives into research objectives, or information provision objectives and the definition of such information collection and analysis methods. In all our conducted surveys Factum Group applies specific research solutions and combination of established and innovative methods.


Research sample

For the quantitative surveys Factum Group applies a representative 4-level sampling that is random at every level and provides the most accurate and reliable results.


Sample design was developed by Mr.Volodymyr Paniotto a leading Ukrainian expert on representative random samples, during consultations with Leslie Kish and with Steven Heeringa, director of the sampling unit at the University of Michigan's Survey Research Center. This is the most advanced sample procedure which is closest to the strictly random selection.


Compared to quota sample types traditionally applied in Ukraine Factum Group sample provides the highest data accuracy:

  • There are no shifts in Factum Group sample toward more accessible respondents (those who mostly stay at home) which impacts on representativeness

  • Quota sample does not allow statistically evaluate the systematic shift in main indicators while 4-level random representative sample applied by Factum Group guarantees that there are no systematic shifts in the data obtained

  • Such advanced sample procedure application suggests professional training for the interviewers. All the Company's interviewers have had specialized training in the respondents selection according to this particular sampling type to develop the necessary and needed skills.

Quality and reliability of information

Factum pays particular attention to the high quality of research data and analytical products.


Fieldwork data quality is obtained from:

  • Regular training of company researchers and the national interviewers network of Factum Group 

  • 3-dimensional quality control system based on the effective combination of fieldwork, logical and analytical types of control

  • Special programs of research projects quality


Analytical products quality is based on the following factors:

  • Applying special research solutions which are adapted specifically to the Ukrainian market

  • Industrial analysis benchmarks and analysis for main indicators

  • Project teams specialization by key industries