Research Solutions

SegmentValue: Target audience segmentation.

Business-task: Target audience segmentation to establish the differentiating approach to each particular sector. It is conducted as a complex survey.
The most significant characteristics of target audience for a particular market act as segmentation criteria: socio demographical profile, consumer behavior, and consumption motivation and lifestyle peculiarities. During the survey the segmentation approach which is most relevant to the market peculiarities is chosen.
Survey result: recommendations on strategic and tactical work with the most financially perspective segments.


AdHitRatio: Advertisement messages testing

Business-tasks: preliminary evaluation of advertising materials or post-evaluation of conducted advertisement and marketing campaigns.
Preliminary evaluation of advertisement materials is implemented as testing of advertisement materials or their prototypes (storyboards, animatics, print samples, etc.) on the target audiences. Recommendations regarding their further use are based on the grounds of various basic estimations:

  • What kind of emotional reactions does the material stimulate?

  • Whether it stands out from other advertising materials?

  • Whether it is clear, concise and whether it delivers the key message appropriately?

  • How convincing is it? And how does it motivate towards further actions?

Post-evaluation includes measuring the target audience and share achieved by the advertisement campaign as well as an estimation of how successfully it managed to convey the key messages.


BrandMind: Brand health survey

Business-tasks: diagnostics of brands condition to specify the directions of future work with them and evaluate their true potential.
It is implemented as a complex survey where all concerned brands are profiled based on the following criteria:

  • Brand awareness quality

  • Brand consumption level

  • Emotional and rational brand profile, differentiation from its competitors

  • Consumer audience quality

  • Brand added value

Research solution result is recommendations on the client’s brand development, positioning specification and recommendations on communication campaigns development.


LogoMind: Product concept, packaging design, names and logos test.

Business-tasks: Key decision making on new product launch, testing particular ideas on existing products appearance refreshment and updating.
It is implemented as a qualitative-quantitative survey in the course of each of the tested samples are estimated by the criteria of overall likeliness, purchase intent generation, ability to gain credibility and to communicate the key product features and the brand in general.
General recommendations on further usage are based on an evaluation of the general performance of tested samples by all the enumerated criteria (benchmarks for each particular market).


Product-T: Product samples test

Business-task: decision making on which tasting characteristics product should possess.
It is implemented as a qualitative - quantitative survey in the course of which tasting and external characteristics of the product are estimated as well as its overall likeliness and probability, purchase intent generation, meeting the expectations from category as well as the brand. General recommendations on further usage are based on the evaluation of the general performance of tested samples by enumerated criteria. The estimation of consumption volume can be processed for a number of individual cases. The research solution also allows the estimation of which particular product features need further development.


Cre8tiveMinds: Ideas generation for business development

Business-task: involvement of advanced target audience into developing new ideas for general business development.
It is implemented in the form of a long term cooperation with category trendsetters and leaders. For finding business insights in the course of such surveys deep sinking into lifestyle happens. In special training the respondents are involved in the co-creation process when together with Client`s working groups they generate new ideas on the development of products and services.

As a result of such a survey the list of potential perspective ideas usually appear together with the client are fully established as an action plan on the brands future development, new offers launches and communication development.


PR-Mind: Company reputation evaluation

Business-task: company reputation analysis, corporate PR-activities and the monitoring of effectiveness.
It is implemented as a complex survey of the main company stakeholders (as a rule these are mass media representatives, partners, state officials, competitors and the general public). In the course of the survey the company’s general reputation profile is fully defined: integral company perception as a corporate structure (rational and emotional evaluation, general trust, and approval)

Per component perception:

  • Strategy, capacity, and finances, products/services features and perspective company potential

  • Human capital, company as an employer

  • Media-presence

  • Team and top-management

Research solution result is an audit of the company reputation, recommendation on strategic and tactical issues of company reputation management.


ES-IS: Customer satisfaction evaluation

Business-task: customer satisfaction level monitoring. It is implemented as a multifaceted survey, in the first part of which the main factors affecting overall customer satisfaction with the company services or goods are fully defined. In the second stage the satisfaction model is processed when contribution of each particular factor is taken into account. Modeling allows not only satisfaction dynamics tracking but also affects purposefully the main factors that will have the strongest impact on a customer’s general attitude.


Special research solutions of Factum Group partners

Company human capital analysis.

The research solution is developed by Factum Invenio, Czech Republic.
The method is aimed at the assessment of the company employee structure and the level of their involvement into the general company life measurement as well as their loyalty to the employer. It also helps identify and highlights all the biggest and major vulnerabilities.

Motivation segmentation.

The research solution is developed by Why5 Research, Belgium.
It is represented by the detailed motivation segmentation of target audiences marking the most significant drivers of category usage and brand reference.
The result of the survey is to make recommendations on driver’s management with the aim of keeping target audiences and involving the new ones. Research solution is applied for the correction of brand positioning, communication programs developments and purchase behavior rectification.