Directions. Projects

The key questions covered by the surveys are related to doing business. They include brand management, new products or services launch, monitoring of the competitive environment as well as the behavior of consumers

  • What is the position of our business in the current market?

  • Who exactly are our competitors? and what advantages do they have? What distinguishes us from our competitors?

  • What niches are there in the market? What potential is there for future development?

  • Who and what is our client base and why they choose our product or services? And why others decide not choose us?

  • To what extend our client is satisfied, show brand loyalty and are happyto stay with us?

  • How far can we extend our target audience? How the supply portfolio should be created in order to increase presence in the market.

  • How successful has our activity been – launched products, services, created communication and price positioning?

  • What should be be done in order to improve the effectiveness of our business? What kind of products or services should be launched? How should they be designed? How much should they cost? To whom should they be oriented?

  • Whether our brand sells something more than just a product or a service? And how to make our name more lucrative and profitable?


In addition to this, surveys also answer the following questions


Reputation management (PR):

  • What kind of reputation does our company have and what credit of trust does it have in a crisis situation?

  • Who forms the opinions of the company and how to influence them?

Human resources management (HR):

  • How much are the employees actually satisfied with their job in the company?

  • What exactly determines their loyalty to the company?

Geographical marketing:

  • Where to locate the items – shopping malls, recreational and business centers as well as residential complexes?

  • Who exactly will be attending them?

  • How shall the space be organized and what functional system should be presented?