Consulting in Research

The main specifics of Factum Group consulting projects lie in the areas of consultation in marketing research and research methodology.


We help our clients:

  • To plan marketing research

  • To find the optimal form for its implementation

  • To analyze all obtained data

  • To use the results of analysis in everyday work


We often face situations when standard research methods become inadequate or insufficient for our clients. This usually happens while resolving non-conventional tasks, working in the ad-hoc markets, researching specific target groups. In such cases new ideas are vitally important. Factum Group has much successful experience in the development of new complex research solutions, designed specifically for business processes of companies that order surveys. Such developments have been satisfied during the implementation of a number of projects for many leading companies in the Ukrainian market.


Our team provides post-project support for the results of all surveys conducted by us. It gives our clients receiving operative support in all work with research data even after the completion of the particular research project in question.


Audit of research and research methods

The success of any survey primarily depends upon a correctly chosen methodology. Independent expertise of research methodology and obtained with its help results (audit) will allow the evaluation of the data quality, field of their validity and representativeness.


Under the direct leadership of Vladimir Paniotto, one of the most well-known auditors of such research methodology and research results, our specialists conduct project research audits in such spheres as media, exit polling and retail audit surveys as well as all Ukrainian national competitions and rating surveys.


Training and workshops

For all our clients and partners Factum Group conducts a whole host of trainings on research and technologies of data analysis.

Our training allows:

  • Obtaining the integral perception about marketing research planning as well as the data analysis approach

  • Learning how to select research methods of data collection and analysis that are the most relevant to achieve goals and targets.

  • Getting experience in work with specialized software


Within the frameworks of special education Factum Group conducts a range of VIP-trainings: the personal trainings of Vladimir Paniotto, President of Factum. VIP-trainings are a number of trainings and workshops aimed at advanced-specialists in the fields of marketing research and data analysis. The main part of the training focuses on and features research planning and sample design, mathematical methods of analysis of research data, modeling and forecast.