Marketing research is one of the most important informational sources for making informed strategic and tactical business decisions. The aim of the research is to provide the decision makers with the most accurate, steadfast, reliable and above all relevant information for their business.


As researchers we are fully focused and strive to provide marketing research services which are at entirely tailored to the questions our clients need full transparency on.


Ad-hoc research

Ad-hoc surveys are unique projects aimed at finding answers to specific questions or the client’s individual business needs. As opposed to syndicate surveys which provide a limited number of standard indicators ad-hoc research always demands a deep engagement into the client’s specific and bespoke needs. Such surveys from their launch until the presentation of the results are in all cases adapted individually towards the client’s individual and specific requirements and oriented towards the most comprehensive solution of the client’s research needs.


The most typical requests have more integrated ways of tackling the problem – the research solutions.


Media research

We conduct a number of regular syndicate media surveys as well as ad-hoc research of media preferences.


Regular surveys in the panel format help to monitor the consumer preferences in different media segments. Factum Group expertise in media panels covers:

  • Ukrainian internet users panel: Opinion Software Media©, aimed at internet sites audience measurement

  • TV channels of special interest media panel

  • Professional pharmaceuticals printed media (B2B panels of pharmacists, GPs, and some other specialties)

Ad-hoc media surveys are usually aimed at solving two types of research tasks:

  • Consumer media preferences assessment, the specific media target audiences evaluation;

  • Media product content and design test (prototypes or final materials).

Factum Group resources enable testing of any media product:

  • Video (from short commercials to complete movies)

  • Audio

  • Visuals (prints)

  • Web sites