SINCE is a method of audiovisual advertisement and informational materials evaluation. SINCE identifies potential and areas of application:

  • Optimization of advertisement or informational budget before the distribution of advertisement products into the mass media.

  • Correction of separate elements of material to make stronger impact on the target audience

  • Effectiveness of advertisements as in comparison with competitors advertisements

  • Choice of optimisation among possible options of advertisement product to determine the optimal influence on the target audience

  • Determination of any influences of regional specifics on the perception and understanding of advertisement

  • Target audience adjustment


Method is used for conducting surveys within a wide geographical area, from the largest cities to national representative surveys. Results are provided by special software and in the form of analytical reporting.


Types of audio and visual materials for testing with SINCE:

  • Commercials

  • Animations

  • Speeches

  • News

  • Soap operas

  • Audio recordings