Omnibus is a type of quantitative research in which several companies can take part. Participating clients pay only for the questions that were included by them and only they receive information on these particular questions. The social demographic data is provided free of charge.


Factum Group conducts a wide range of Omnibus surveys on a regular basis – from National Omnibus to Express omnibuses in the major Ukrainian cities as well as the most effective and innovative one – Web Omnibus.


National Omnibus

It includes 2000 personal interviews conducted throughout the territory of Ukraine. The research is conducted by a method of in-home face-to-face interviews covering all types of population centers.


National Omnibus includes more respondents and more interview locations than any other Omnibus survey currently operating in Ukraine; it is fully representative not only of Ukraine as a whole but also for all its separate regions and their groups.


Performance period: per quarter.


Kyiv Express-Omnibus

It includes 400 representative phone interviews (CATI) within the Kyiv city population in the age group of 16-65 and is conducted twice a month - every first and third Wednesday of the month.


Kyiv Omnibus today is the only product that provides an opportunity to receive regular and fast and accurate information on consumption, advertisement effectiveness, and brands popularity in Kyiv in the different market sectors.


Express-Omnibus: Major Ukrainian cities

It includes 600 representative phone interviews (CATI) within the population of 6 of Ukraine’s major cities: Kyiv, Dnepropetrivsk, Odesa, Donetsk, Kharkiv, and Lviv and is conducted twice a month – every second and fourth Wednesday of the month.


Research means that you are in receipt of an effective way of consuming the information in order to estimate product penetration. It is also vital in measuring the effectiveness of communication campaigns in the result of interviewing more active country population.


Web-Omnibus: representative to Ukrainian Internet users

It includes 400 web-interviews with panelists of Opinion access-panel. Research participants are all personally recruited into the panel. It is conducted on a monthly basis


Web-technologies allow full testing content of any intricacy including audio- and video-materials. Certified testing technologies are fully applied: Click-test, Shelf-test, 3-D modeling and others. A distinguishing feature of the web-omnibus is its minimum term of field period whilst resolving a wide range of research tasks.