Opinion Software Media©

This is a nationwide representative survey of Internet audience and social demographic profile of Internet web sites used by Ukrainians. Research includes representative Establishment offline research of Ukrainian internet audience on a quarterly basis and the work of the permanent representative panel of Internet users.


The panel work format is user friendly. This means installing special software on the computers of panel participants that will track all the sites and pages visited by them.


Research geography covers the whole Ukraine.


The project is conducted by the request of Internet Association of Ukraine.


Opinion nicheTV Media©

This is special research of specialized TV channels audiences, i.e. niche TV channels audience. The research is directed towards detailed analysis of urban population – cable and satellite TV users.


The research is also aimed at analyzing the profile of niche channels audiences as well as their program products. Research procedure includes Establishment survey of niche TV channels viewing as well as the Panel functioning. Data collection is conducted through a diary method with respondents recording concisely their daily TV viewing habits with a 5 minutes intervals split.