Factum Group research products include unique research solutions that are developed for representatives of all industry sectors as well as long term research projects conducted by Factum Group independently or with the partners support:


EBA-Index: Index of investment attraction of Ukraine. Joint research product together with European Business Association.


Opinion© is well established online research project that combines numerous potential of online research including a separate direction internet resource audience analysis (Opinion Software Media©).


Sales Consumer Profile: analysis of the full range of food and beverages as well as non-food FMCG commonly purchased by households. Joint project with Fozzy Group.


Since: technology of simultaneous testing and frame-by-frame analysis of advertisement as well as other video and audio materials in a real time system. Joint research decision with the Group of companies “Rost”.


Omnibus is a research tool that provides the opportunity to include separate questions into regularly conducted representative research. Factum conducts 3 types of omnibus projects on a regular basis: National Omnibus, City Omnibus (Kyiv /6 major Ukrainian cities), and web-Omnibus.


Ratings are specialized projects, aimed at defining the key and objective criteria for the ranging of various objects.


MarketView – research of the current status and perspectives of development of the research industry in Ukraine. The project is fully conducted with the support of the National representative of ESOMAR in Ukraine.