Consumer Surveys

Internet penetration in Ukraine is growing at an increasing pace. The number of various target groups that are available through online surveys is growing swiftly.


A high level of Internet penetration amongst a large number of the target audiences today allows the conducting of representative surveys through the Internet. According to ESOMAR standards, Internet penetration on levels of around 50-60% is satisfactory for it. This point has been already exceeded by younger age groups as well as various urban consumer groups.


Factum online research participants have passed a thorough check and screening that guarantees a high level and quality of the composed data. Advantages provided by the online surveys are its efficiency, large variety of media options, wide research geography and its effective cooperation with the respondent.


Typical tasks of consumer online surveys:

  • Understanding the needs and preferences of various target groups

  • Choice of communication strategy which will be the most effective for the target audience

  • Design and correction of commercial product

  • Analysis of advertising campaigns in Internet efficiency

  • Internet as a tool of promotion and trade: activity of Ukrainians on the Internet


The main functional methods of online surveys:

  • Qualitative surveys

  • Quantitative surveys

  • Click test

  • 3D modeling

  • Shelf test

  • Virtual shopping

  • Media-materials testing

  • Sites testing