Why Factum

Factum Group utilizes a unique approach that includes strategic planning of research which is aimed at finding the optimal business solutions and bases this on its accurate and in-depth research data.
We analyze, we investigate and we discover new imperative knowledge for our clients.

Together with the clients we strive to successfully implement traditional and innovative research strategies for solving multiple tasks. We provide solutions for complex analytical tasks included forecasting and modeling.
We are innovative and pride ourselves on going beyond the normal frames to seek uncharacteristic individual factors.

Factum Group products are fully bespoke and based on the individual business needs of our clients companies. This makes them an integral part of the corporate marketing intelligence systems. Factum Group research solutions are fully standardized and adapted for the Ukrainian market. They are applied to solve a wide range of research tasks based on international research standards, local market peculiarities and the specific features of the researched product in question.
We are strongly of the view that any research solution can only be successful if it is combined with professional, experienced research minds.

Factum Group strives to build strong partner relationship with all our clients. Long-term collaboration is our major objective; therefore we offer all our clients post project support for all research projects undertaken. We take full responsibility and management for the end product of our work.